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Designing your own web site has never been easier!

SiteStudio is a full featured, browser-based Web site building tool designed to help novices to create professional, multi-page web sites. It features vibrant, professional designs and pre-built templates to speed your Web site development. It is both easy and powerful.

How easy is all this?

» A browser-based solution
   No software to download. No need to install anything. Simply open your web browser, Point, click and build.

» No design skill required
   If you can surf the Net, you can build your Web site. Point, click, and build. Yes, it's that easy!

» Pre-designed templates
   40 different templates to choose from to help you get your site up in minutes!

» Pre-built organization structure for your Web site
   Sometimes, it's difficult to organize Web pages logically. Pre-built organization templates are provided to assist you with this. "No Worry Web Publishing" at its best!

» One-click publishing
   Your Web site is published with one easy click. After you publish, you can make changes as many times as you wish. Clicking the publish button again will instantly update your Web site in real time.

... and that's only the beginning !

  • Content and Design Separation - The content of the Web site is store separately from the layout. This means you can change the look and feel of your Web site without ever having to re-type any information.

  • On-the-fly image generation - SiteStudio buttons and banners automatically. You need not bother with image editing tools to create professional buttons and banners.

  • User-uploaded images - You can upload your images from your computer to your Web site without ever having to leave your browser.

  • Complete control over the Web site - SiteStudio provides a way to change just about every aspect of your Web site.

How Do I Get SiteStudio, And What Do I Need?
- SiteStudio is installed on an as needed basis. Please email us at for more information on purchasing SiteStudio.

- You need a computer connected to the Internet with at least one of the following browsers installed:Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or higherNetscape 4.x or higher.

Do I need to have my website hosted with you in order to use SiteStudio on my website?
- No. You can purchase a SiteStudio package and we will setup everything so you can use it to edit your website from it's current location. Terms of Service Policy Privacy Policy