We offer several different hosting packages from which you may choose. This allows you to determine the plan that best suits your needs of functionality and requirements. We have our packages split into two separate plan levels Basic Shared and Business Shared.

If you cannot find a plan below that is suitable, simply e-mail us with your requirements and we will create a custom plan for you!

We currently have 6 Basic and 5 Business Plans for you to choose from!

All of our servers come configured with the latest and greatest of the industries leading open source technologies PHP, MySQL and Apache Web Server!

PHPMySQL Open Source Database Apache Web Server

New Urchin Website Statistics and Fantastico Web Application
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Basic Starter
1Gb Storage Space
5Gb Bandwidth/mo
25 POP3 Emails
25 Sub Domain
5 FTP Account
5 MySQL Database

$3.99/mo or $39.99/yr
Basic Value
2Gb Storage Space
10Gb Bandwidth/mo
50 POP3 Emails
50 Sub Domain
8 FTP Account
10 MySQL Database

$6.99/mo or $69.99/yr
Basic Bronze
3Gb Storage Space
30Gb Bandwidth/mo
75 POP3 Emails
75 Sub Domain
12 FTP Account
15 MySQL Database

$9.99/mo or $99.99/yr
Basic Silver
5Gb Storage Space
50Gb Bandwidth/mo
100 POP3 Emails
100 Sub Domain
15 FTP Account
20 MySQL Database

$12.99/mo or $129.99/yr
Basic Gold
10Gb Storage Space
80Gb Bandwidth/mo
150 POP3 Emails
150 Sub Domain
20 FTP Account
30 MySQL Database

$15.99/mo or $159.99/yr
Basic Platinum
15Gb Storage Space
100Gb Bandwidth/mo
200 POP3 Emails
200 Sub Domain
25 FTP Account
40 MySQL Database

$19.99/mo or $199.99/yr
*The Basic Starter Package does not include FrontPage Extensions.
Advanced Starter
20GB Storage Space
130GB Bandwidth/mo
250 POP3 Emails
250 Sub Domains
30 FTP Accounts
50 MySQL Databases

$29.99/mo or $299.99/yr
Advanced Value
Storage Space
150Gb Bandwidth/mo
350 POP3 Emails
300 Sub Domains
40 FTP Accounts
75 MySQL Databases

$39.99/mo or $399.99/yr
Advanced Pro
Storage Space
200Gb Bandwidth/mo
400 POP3 Emails
350 Sub Domains
50 FTP Accounts
90 MySQL Databases

$49.99/mo or $499.99/yr
Advanced Platinum
80Gb Storage Space
250Gb Bandwidth/mo
500 POP3 Emails
400 Sub Domains
75 FTP Accounts
125 MySQL Databases

$59.99/mo or $599.99/yr
Advanced Ultimate
100Gb Storage Space
500Gb Bandwidth/mo
Unlimited POP3 Emails
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases

$69.99/mo or $699.99/yr
All Shared Hosting Plans Include:
  Fantasico cPanel Application   Custom Error Pages
  Unlimited Email Autoresponders   Web Site Statistics
  Unlimited Email Aliases   Server Side Includes (SSI)
  Unlimited Email Forwarding   Search Engine Submitter
  Unlimited Mailing Lists   File Manager
  Web Based Email   Password Protect Pages
  cPanel   Downloadable Daily Backup
  CGI-BIN   Chat Room
  Shopping Cart   Pre-configured Scripts
  FrontPage Extensions
  • Our internal network combines 3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity with multiple 10Gig-E backbone trunks. The center’s 24/7 on-site staff and video monitoring, combined with rigorous security practices, ensure against loss or intrusion. Our IP network architecture utilizes redundant N+1 Core and N+1 access Foundry XMR, MLX, and Cisco 6500 routers to provide a Highly Redundant and Highly Available Multi-Homed Internet Aggregation Hub. This coupled with multiple 10Gigabit IP trunks from multiple Tier 1 Internet service providers make DataBank’s IP Hub one of the most robust in the industry. IP Network features:

    • 10 Tbps of switching and routing capacity designed for the largest Internet content providers and Enterprises

    • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone trunks

    • Core network is designed for “zero” packet loss

    • Embedded sFlow per port supports scalable hardware-based traffic monitoring across all switch ports without impacting performance

  • Multi-Homed Internet Platform:

    • (2) 1Gbps Direct Fiber –  Savvis AS3561
    • (2) 10Gbps Direct Fiber – Level 3 AS3356
    • (1) 10Gbps Direct Fiber – Sprint AS1239
    • (1) 10Gbps Direct Fiber – Time Warner AS4323

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